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Can Green Tea Lower Testosterone?

Green tea is the modern elixir of good health, but will its use cause a decline in testosterone levels? Explore more about it here. Happy reading.

Green tea is a modern days savior for millions of people who are working tirelessly towards weight loss.

The flavonoids present in green tea are known to increase metabolism and thereby helping in weight loss.

However, there is speculation that green tea can reduce the t-hormone level in the blood. Is this a true fact or just a hoax?

Let us try to find that out in this article.

Will drinking green tea can actually reduce your testosterone?

Yes, green tea can reduce serum testosterone levels, according to some studies. At the same time, green tea was found to be beneficial when it comes to sperm health and concentration.

5-alpha reductase found in green tea is known to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is the active version of the hormone.

Not just that, it was found that flavonoids in green tea can, in fact, directly interact in the molecular cascade involving testosterone synthesis, thereby regulating its production.

However, the difference is very subtle and doesn’t impact the user’s daily life or activities involving testosterone.

How to hike your testosterone?

There are a few ways to keep your t-hormone levels high, but the most recommended and working one is to go with testosterone boosters.

These are dietary supplements made using plant-based and clinically proven ingredients, which can promote testosterone synthesis.

Always make sure that you go with a reputed product like Testofuel, TestRX, Nugenix Ultimate, etc. These are products that are already being used by thousands of customers and have proven safe.

Unlike steroids, these products don’t have harsh side effects due to the organic nature of their components.


Green tea is great for fat burning and immunity, but overconsumption can lead to a decline in serum testosterone levels.

However, you can use a dietary testosterone booster supplement to keep the natural production high, compensating for the green tea impact.

But make sure that you keep a fine balance between the green tea consumption and testosterone booster supplement to juice the best out of both.

Written by Tom Knight