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Does Fasting Improve Testosterone Levels in Men?

Do you know that fasting can increase your testosterone by up to 180%? Well, then here is a smart trick to further elevate the t-levels effortlessly.

Undoubtedly, the human body is nature’s wonder, and all your actions influence its working.

Fasting, or controlled abstinence from food, is a long-lasting tradition or naturopathic approach to cleanse the body.

But can you increase the testosterone levels by doing this? Apparently, it seems yes, according to some scientific studies.

Well, this article will help you explore the actual science behind it and understand how you can utilize the best out of it.

How does fasting help you to increase the testosterone level?

According to some studies, fasting has been found to elevate growth hormone production by up to 2000%.

If there is a growth hormone hike, it will translate into higher testosterone secretion since the male reproductive system needs the former to initiate t-hormone production.

Apart from this, short-term intermittent fasting has been found to directly stimulate up to a 180% increase in serum t-levels.

Having said that, fasting can also increase the metabolism rate and help you regulate insulin levels for better glucose management.

So, is there a way to boost the testosterone while fasting?

This is where things start to get interesting.

Yes, you can boost the naturally elevated t-hormone levels during fasting by adding these natural pills into your regulated diet.

These are called natural testosterone boosters, and these are nutraceutical supplements made from herbal and other proven organic ingredients.

They act as a natural food substance and are metabolized and excreted along with other food particles, thus doesn’t cause any side effects.

Products like Testogen, Prime Male, etc., are manufactured in an FDA-approved cGMP facility and works just like their chemical counterparts, but without any harmful effects.


Yes, fasting is clinically found to elevate testosterone levels directly as well as indirectly. Intermittent fasting in occasional instances can help your body to attain perfect homeostasis.

The list of benefits is very long and pronounced of which is the whopping hike in growth hormone that happens. This hike can indirectly raise the t-levels.

Natural testosterone booster pills are the smart work you can do while fasting, which can work inside your body, even when you are not doing anything.

So, next time when you fast, think of adding this harmless companion to your diet.

Written by Tom Knight