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Does Masturbation Lower Testosterone Levels?

Is it true that masturbating can reduce your testosterone? Well, the answer needs some scientific perception, and this article will give you an overview.

Well, this is a classic question and conundrum that has been there since the birth of mankind. And the surprising part is, there is no clear answer!

Yes, you heard it right. Actually, there are studies that suggest that masturbation can decrease testosterone at least for a short time, but in the long run, it won’t.

In fact, there are studies that suggest that abstinence from masturbation can increase the t-hormone levels.

Since there is no conclusive answer for this question, let us try to make a scientific conscience that will help us get better clarity.

Let’s go!

What’s the deal between testosterone and masturbation?

Masturbation is a natural act of releasing your sexual tension and help you balance the hormone levels.

It is found that masturbation can normalize the t-hormone levels back to normal, and thereby reducing the temporary hike giving you a high.

However, the serum hormone levels are not changed during a sexual act; in contrast, some popular belief that masturbation could reduce testosterone.

These are scientific studies in a lab setup, and the results are highly subjective. In the real world, there is no significant relation between masturbation and testosterone levels in the long run.

However, abstinence from sexual activities for a longer period could decrease t-levels and eventually cause impotence.

Should you be worried?

No, you don’t have to worry about it. Masturbation can increase the t-hormone level and boost your libido.

If you have naturally low t-levels, then boosting it with the help of certain food and herbal testosterone boosters can help you enjoy your sex life.

In fact, you can boost the levels with the help of organic products like Testogen or Testofuel to crank up your sex life and enjoy masturbation to its fullest.


So, the answer is no. Masturbation won’t decrease your testosterone level. Actually, there will be an increase in t-levels during the act.

However, excessive masturbation might negatively impact the long run and can affect the quality of life.

But boosting your existing levels of t-hormone can positively impact your sex life, and check out some of the natural t-boosters that help you promote testosterone levels naturally.

Written by Tom Knight