Best fat burners for runners

Run To Burn: Best Fat Burners For Runners

Are you running to burn fat? Then halt a moment and learn why fat burners for runners are important. Read more about the benefits of fat burners here.

Are you looking to trim some fat by running?

Well, fat burners can accelerate weight loss, especially in runners.

Jogging, running, and walking are all considered to be excellent exercises for weight loss.

But the majority of us lack the basic knowledge of fat consumption, it’s processing, deposition, and utilization.

Can you burn fat by running?

The answer is yes!

But not as much as you would think.

Unlike other fats elsewhere on your body, visceral fat (the one cushioning your internal organs) is difficult to focus and eliminate.

And the majority of us might be concerned about belly fat which starts to form when visceral fat increases.

Runners can keep a good check on visceral fat and other unwanted deposits on the body, but running may not be enough to make things work unless you are a professional runner who spends hours a day training.

This is where fat burners come into play, which can trim hard to focus deposits like visceral fat while reducing your exertion on exercises.

So, let us see the basics of fat burners for runners, and some of the best products in the market.

Without further ado, let us jump into the crust of this article.

What are fat burners?

Fat burning supplement

Fat burners are commercial products in capsule form, which helps in fat trimming by reducing the hardships of a standard weight loss procedure.

It is more ideal to understand fat burners as a helping hand that can accelerate the weight loss process when used adjacent to other methods.

For example, fat burners work more effectively when you combine them with your regular weight-loss routine.

They are available in both organic and inorganic form, while the latter requires a doctor’s consultation to procure and use.

The organic fat burners are made from herbal or plant products, which is usually a collection of multiple fat trimming herbal compounds, which has been traditionally used for weight loss.

There is a wide range of fat burners for runners, which are made from plant products and are 100% safe for fat trimming applications.

Due to herbal nature, these products are usually side-effects-free and can be purchased OTC/online without any restriction.

Nowadays, organic fat burners are so efficient such that clinical doctors prescribe them for a safe weight loss over chemical drugs.

Why runners might need fat burners?


This is a genuine question that you might have by now. You might be running to burn fat; then why do you need a fat burner?

Let us see why fat burners of runners mean such a big thing.

You need to eliminate 7000 ~8000 calories from your system in order to reduce 2 pounds of weight1.

This 8000 can be achieved by eating a calorie deficit diet, working out, running or jogging, using supplements or fat burners.

Running is a calorie intense process, and when you exert yourself for meeting the high energy demand, mostly the carbohydrate is used by your system to meet the immediate requirements.

Fat, on the other hand, is a secondary kind of energy reserve which is used for a slightly low and steady supply of energy.

So, when you take a fat burner, the thermogenic effect of these products will boost your internal metabolism to that sweet spot, where the body would shift from carbs to fat for energy.

Thus, you would burn more fat instead of carbs when running on fat burner capsules than running without using one.

Vital nutrients that runners need to maintain weight

This might be another reason why you might need to use a fat burner despite cut shorting your diet or doing a hard workout.

Several nutrients are needed for the body to utilize all that stored fat, and since you are on a diet, you may not be able to supply them all. This is where fat burners come handy.

Protein is a critical macronutrient that is needed for the proper working of muscles, which helps you do all the running.

Plus, if the diet is protein-rich, your appetite is lowered, which means less calorie intake.

The antioxidant is the next important thing you need to protect your cells from oxidative stress, and EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) is one of the essential antioxidants that is beneficial for weight loss.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid ) is a type of omega-3-fatty acid that halt the growth of new fat cells, and according to research2, they can even kill young fat cells before populating too much.

Caffeine is another compound that can prevent the degradation of cAMP so that stored fats can be mobilized and can be used for energy.

Fat burners for runners will supply other vital nutrients like vitamins, calcium, zinc, acetic acid, monosaturated fats, etc., all of which contribute towards fat burning.

What are some of the best fat burners for runners?

Let us add sheen to your weight loss journey with these five best fat burners for runners.

Fast Burn Extreme

Fast Burn Extreme

A natural fat burner in the list, which is popular for fat shredding and used mainly by athletes and bodybuilders for quick loss.

Runners can choose this product for faster results, thanks to the thermogenic effect of Fast Burn Extreme.

This capsule is a potent combination of nettle extract, green tea3, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, bitter orange, capsicum annum extract, chromium, and vitamin B6.

The fat loss is promoted by two means, one is by reducing the biosynthesis & its storage in the body and secondly by focusing on the utilization of stored fat, especially the visceral one.

Since this is an herbal formulation, you don’t have to worry about any doping tests.

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This capsule can be called a smart supplement because it is made by combining the goodness of multiple products into a single pill.

So instead of taking multiple weight loss solutions, you can just take a couple of BurnBooster pills, and rest is assured.

This organic product is made from barley grass, cayenne pepper, garcinia cambogia4, and green coffee.

The working is very simple; this supplement raises the body temperature to increase the metabolism, which targets the stored fat to fuel your running.

Plus, the barley grass in this product is an excellent appetite regulator that can bridle the craving to reduce calorie intake.

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Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Even though designed exclusively for boxers and MMA fighters, this product is a world-class fat burner aiming athletes in general.

If you are a professional runner, then this product could do wonders for you.

It is a perfect fat trimming companion that can grant you a steady supply of energy made from fat and, at the same time, improve your endurance & stamina.

The powerful herbal combination makes this product safe and free from any doping agents.

This product can be used by all weight-loss seekers with varying doses, and runners benefit most from out of this product.

Thermogenics is again the core working principle here, and mostly the visceral white fat is targeted instead of brown ones.

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One of the best made fat burners for runners with the power of alpha-LACYS RESET and Capsimax, which makes this product stand out in the league.

PhenQ is a well-concocted mixture of various weight loss pills, which contain some of the top-rated ingredients like caffeine, chromium picolinate5, nopal, and l-carnitine.

This supplement activates your fat to energy converter to extract maximum stored energy (in the form of fat) and also helps to utilize dietary sugar, thus preventing its storage.

Fluid retention by tissues is also prevented, thereby giving you a quickly trimmed figure, which otherwise gives you that chubby look.

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This is a popular product from the house of Key Player Limited, which has one of the best cGMP facilities for manufacturing.

Like all other products on this list, Piperinox also works by employing the thermogenics for fat burning.

Technically, each pill is capable of reducing lipogenesis (synthesis of new fat cells) and accelerating lipolysis (fat digestion) by carefully regulating the glucose affinity of the muscle cells.

The energy demand is usually met primarily by carbs, but the Piperinox can shift that to fat.

The muscle regeneration capability of this product is a plus point for runners to build a lean figure.

As the name suggests, there is a pepper extract in this product called Bioperine, which improves the rate of absorption of capsule components.

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Yes, runners might need a fat burner, even though you are running to burn fat.

It all depends on your need; say, if you need faster and more prominent weight loss, then a fat burner can accelerate and improve the quality of the result.

Not just any fat burners, but always go for the reputed and clinically studied ones like the ones on our list.

The organic fat burners for runners are made from herbal ingredients, and they are the safest category of weight loss supplements, as they are less likely to invoke any side effects.

Simply put, run as you usually do and use a fat burner as recommended by the manufacturer, the weight loss will happen faster with perks like improved stamina & endurance.

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Written by Tom Knight